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Our Patented, as seen on TV (Entreprenuer Elevator Pitch) Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit was developed for those customers who are uncomfortable with disclosing any personal and or medical information. This 3X4" DIY template is left blank for you to fill out in the privacy of your home or work place. It features a rugged zip-lock water-proof pouch which is highly visible and easily accessible. The DIY kit allows customers to update or replace the Tact-Med Emergency Information Card at your convenience.

Although this product was designed for wearers of ballistic vests and body armor, it can be worn and carried by virtually anyone. The 3X4 pocket version allows much more versatility to bring with you everywhere. The Emergency Information Card has a variety of information options that you select. These selected options act as your voice in the event of an accident, incident, or injury.

The information imprinted on the card will assist first-aid responders and medical personnel in making important tactical and medical decisions about your care. When time and information counts, the Emergency Information Card created by Tact-Med Info, LLC is there to help you in your time of need.

Product Specifications:
•Highly visible, reinforced embroidered fibers that won’t tear or fade.
•Highly visible heat fused 550 para-cord with double looped construction.
•Para-cord length is designed to fit the wrist or ankle in a triage situation.
•If information changes the emergency card can be easily replaced.
•3X4" Pocket Size waterproof zip-lock pouch that contains Emergency Card and Blood Type Sticker Pack.

*Tact-Med Info, LLC, its Owners, Officers, Agents, and Staff pursuant to Federal and State statutes do not share or retain any medical information about any customers in connection with the manufacturing of any of our products. This information includes but is not limited to the following: Medical conditions, Current medications, Medical allergies, Blood type and Personal and Emergency Contact Information. Any information provided by the customer is utilized for the purpose of manufacturing only.*

Product Patented - U.S D817,393.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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This item can literally save your life. As a first responder, an outdoorsman, a firearms instructor, and veteran. You would never think something like this little tool can save your life. BUT IT CAN, in so many ways. They also have tags for people Autism, which is amazing as well. You cannot go wrong with this.

Joshua Arvay
Great item to have!!!

I have one and I have given them to Officers I work with and they use them as well. All the important medical information in one quick easy place. I showed them to our medics and they loved it!!! Must have for every Officer! This will save a life, if it has not already.

Great product

Awesome product, was in my mailbox day after ordering. Will be ordering more for friends as gifts.

Awesome Product!

I ordered a bunch of these for my boyfriends K-9 unit and they were shipped the next day and I got them within 2 days! I had a couple of questions before I placed my order so I sent them a DM and my questions were answered right away! Great customer service for a great product! Definitely will be purchasing again for any new deputies that join the team!

Often overlooked but essential!

These cards save medical first responders critical time on scene. Every second counts and these cards buy you some time. You carry a TQ, maybe a trauma kit, wear your vest, but are you communicating life saving medical info to the medics who are working desperately to save you? The info provided on these cards are overlooked by even that most tactically sound Officers. These cards are a essential part of your emergency contingency plan.

These cards are well printed and the bag is sturdy enough to protect the card being stuffed in a sweaty vest. Reasonable priced, essential, and from a company driven by saving lives over making profit alone.